Updating email addresses and unable to make self-service work

I noticed that if you try to update a user’s email address to that of
another user, the transaction fails (I’m assuming because there’s a unique
index on email address) but there’s no error returned – the user update
form even reflects the new value right after you click the submit button,
but the change doesn’t stick.

Also, I’m having little luck getting self service to work. I have a
non-privelidged user that is the requestor on some tickets. When that user
signs in, the tickets that user has requested show up, but clicking on any
of the links including logout just returns me to that same ticket list page.

The global user rights I’ve granted are
Everyone: CreateTicket
Requestor: ReplyToTicket, SeeQueue, ShowTicket

I only have one queue, and there are no queue-specific rights on it.

I just put in 2.0.5_03, and am using Apache 1.3.14, Perl 5.005_03, mod_perl
1.23, Postgres 7.1, and Apache::Session 1.53. Let me know what important
information I’m leaving out.

Thanks for putting out such a useful app!