Unprivileged users not being able to see their tickets after a day or so

Hi, I have RT installed on FC3. I have some unprivileged users that can
create and see their tickets in specific queues. This works fine when the
tickets are created. The unprivileged users can see the tickets that they
have opened and it is really easy. On Friday this was working and this
morning when I got in, the unprivileged users could not see the tickets that
they had created on Friday. If they click on the ‘Open Tickets’ web link,
there are no tickets visible.

No user/queue privileges have changed. The only way that they could see
their tickets is for me to re-install the package again, apart from
recreating the database.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. I think that the SelfService folder is
the problem, but the permissions are set right; nothing has changed since

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


Ravin Mathoora

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