Undestanding approvals and workflow

I am working in a design/construction environment, using RT to manage and
track flow of work from design to construction.

The process I want to implement is this:

Outside of RT:

A budget or planning action triggers a Construction event

Inside RT:

The Division Manager, Construction Manager, or Engineering Manager creates
a Construction ticket and a Design ticket.

The relationship is this:

The Design ticket is a child of the Construction ticket. The Construction
Ticket depends on the Design ticket.

The Engineering Manager must approve the Design ticket before it is resolved.

The Construction Manager must approve the Construction ticket before it is

Ideally I would like for the ticket creation to be automated with the
appropriate dependencies, so that the creation of a ticket in the
Construction queue creates the appropriate tickets in the Design queue and
the Approvals queue. Can this be done? I’ve never done any scripting in

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