Understanding the $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs warning

I’ve read the warning several times and it’s still not clear to me if my
scenario would fall into the “don’t do this” category.

Our primary email server is Exchange 5.5 and so I have a "Custom Recipient"
created who’s address is itsupport@rt.ciphergen.com (where the mail is
relayed to). I’ve also added a few other email addresses that Exchange will
receive mail on to be relayed to rt, such as itsupport@ciphergen.com and
it_support@ciphergen.com, etc. All my queues are setup this way. So in this
situation, should I heed that warning and not enable

This brings me to another question about the Exchange <-> rt relationship
which I suppose I’ll kick off a new thread about.

James Satterfield.