Unable to login (rt-3.4.2)


This is similar to, [rt-users] 2005-May/031423.html, in that I get the
RT login page, try to login with the default login/password as well as
other combinations.
My environment,

  • Gentoo Linux 2.4
  • rt 3.4.2
  • mysql 4.0.24
  • apache 1.3
    I get the following error message in the apache error_log,

[Fri Aug 12 14:13:14 2005] [error]: FAILED LOGIN for root from
nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn (/var/www/unique_rt3/htdocs/rt/autohandler:191)

I apologize in advance for my “poor” posting etiquette. I’m new to the
rt-user subscription and it’s unclear to me the proper method of posting.

Mark Castagna
unique computer services, inc.
(732) 786-0111 x109
(732) 786-0097 (fax)