Unable to get values from ticket transaction custom fields


In the RT Wiki’s WriteCustomAction it says that “per-transaction custom field values are not available to Scrips” from release 3.6.1.
Does that means that you never will be able to get the values of a custom field there is associated with a “ticket transaction” from within a scrip?

I entered a code example in this thread: [rt-users] Weirdness with $WebURL and certain links
Found a thread about this issue here Carbon60: Cloud Consulting - Services and Solutions, but without any solution.

From Request Tracker Wiki

  • TransactionObj - returns RT::Transaction instance, the transaction that was applied.
    • Note: as of 3.6.1, per-transaction custom field values are not available to Scrips
  • TicketObj - returns RT::Ticket instance which represents the ticket. Our transaction was applied to it.
  • TemplateObj - represents the template which was selected for this action.

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