Two separate emails sent when Cc field is filled on "Reply"


I’m running RT 3.0.11 on stock Debian Sarge.

I have a problem when a user replies to a ticket using
rt/Ticket/Update.html. My ticket has the following properties -

  1. Requestor -> set to a valid email id,
  2. Cc, AdminCc -> unset
  3. The user fills the Cc (UpdateCc) form field and replies
    to the ticket.

On submit, two separate emails get sent out.

  1. First email contains Requestor’s email ID in To: field.
    The Cc: field is empty.

  2. Second email contains UpdateCc emails in the Cc: field.
    The To: field is empty.

This confuses the Requestor as he/she is unaware of the CCs that were
also sent along with the same email. The UpdateCc recipients are
also puzzled because they recieve an email with no To: address and
their email in the Cc: field.

I don’t want this behaviour and want only one email to be sent with
the Requestor’s email in the To field and the UpdateCc emails in the
Cc field.

I have trawled the source without much luck.
Can someone help me resolve this issue?


  • Raja