Truncated attachments -- again

“mod_perl” seems to be the blamed for attachments being truncated, which
lead me to
build “mod_perl” on redhat 9 with the instrunctions from:

And, the ticket attachments are being truncated at 9 bytes. Currently, I
am importing
data from rt2 using version 1.20 of rt2-to-rt3 scripts. I have doubts
about "mod_perl"
being the culprit for the truncation as I have installed rt3 (rt-3-0-4)
on redhat 9 and imported
data without the truncation of attachments or rebuilding “mod_perl"
serveral times using
"mysql” and “postgres”.

Is possible that the problem is with one of rt’s depencies or rt
itself? And is the reason the
curent DBIx::Searchbuilder gives the error:
RT: Use of uninitialized value in numeric ne (!=) at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/DBIx/SearchBuilder/ line 669.

Like I said above rt 3.0.4 had no hassles with attachments.

And my setup
Redhat 9
rt3 (3.0.6)
mysql 3.23.58-1.9
Apache2 (2.0.40-21.5)
mod_perl2 (1.99_09-10custom)
DBIx::SearchBuilder 0.92
HTML::Mason 1.23