Troubleshooting "login" problem

Hello all –

Once upon a time, I had a working RT install. But over the last few days,
I’ve been trying to install some new applications on the same server where I
run RT (tomcat stuff), and so I’ve been running the package manager in a
fairly profligate manner. I seem to have broken RT – however, I don’t know
how (or precisely when). Famous last words, I know.

Since my last known good installation, I’ve updated a lot of perl modules –
so my only idea is that I’ve upgraded a perl module that I shouldn’t
have…the question is which one. I can’t find any enlightenment in the logs.
Maybe there’s a debug mode I need to turn on?

Here are my symptoms:

The login page shows up, but if you try to log in, Firefox bumps you straight
back to the login page with no error. Safari gives a ‘no such url’ error.
The password I’m using is correct (I tried resetting it via the wiki
instructions to a known encrypted password) – the wrong password doesn’t
give any different response. The password in is correct,

In the apache2 logs, I can see a single GET request, for /rt/, which is
correct, but that’s it. The http error_log doesn’t have any errors in it. The
mysql.log and syslog have a bunch of entries which show that RT is still
working – taking in reports, sending out mail, etc.

It’s like it’s not completing the login process, but rather getting hung up
in the perl somewhere before it hits the database or web server.

I looked at /opt/rt3/var/log, but it’s empty. I re-ran the testdeps rt
script, and it didn’t have any complaints.

Here is my environment:

Perl 5.8.7

Any thoughts about where the problem might lie? Tips about how to trace the
process through the perl so I can see which module is at fault and downgrade

Kaylea Hascall (773) 834-4117 or
Technology & Scholarly Computing
Assistant Director: Academic Technologies NSIT, University of Chicago