Trouble Importing from RT2

I’ve been trying to import my tickets from RT2 since about May with no
success. I’ve finally had a few hours to go debug and I’m hoping what I
can report can help someone more familiar with the code point me in the
right direction…

Problem: Things import just fine, but they do not get displayed in RT.
That is, Queues and users are there, but the queues appear to have no
tickets in them. Further, the Database is fully populated with tickets
and transactions (so that data is there, but RT doesn’t think it is).
Each ticket/transaction has an effective ID of “0”. Upon setting that
field to the ticket id, RT suddenly comes to life, but still seems a bit

What I found: Originally, I found that the user who created the queues
in the first place was not getting imported due to an e-mail address
conflict. This was confusing the imports I guess. Once fixed, I got no
import errors, but still no visible tickets.

Ok, so I’ve traced it down and found this: it appears that
RT::Record::Create, when called from Rt::Ticket is returning an id of
"240" for the first ticket inserted into the database, even though the
array passed into Create has “id => 1” (I checked at all levels, this is
true). 240 is the last id entered into the CustomFieldsValues table. I
have commented out Scrips import, but when that is imported, Create
returns the id of the last Script put into the database. Inside
Ticket::Create, $self->Id is ‘undef’ – can’t figure that one out yet.
It further looks like $RT::Handle has an “id => 240” field in it when it
is called from DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record… is that correct?

Record::Create returns with “Object created” message
Ticket::Create returns with “Ticket created in queue ‘general’” – note
the double space between Ticket and created; it thinks its Id is undef.

Can someone help me understand what I’m seeing?