Triggering two separate templates

Hi Folks,

Currently we have a situation where when a custom field is changed to a
certain value via ticket “edit” a template for that custom field value is
used to correspond with the requestor. It’s actually a “TERMINATION”
notice telling them they no longer have an account with us.

I’d like to also send an email to other department to have them take an
action as well though. Basically the customer gets a termination notice
and we want billing to get a request from us to terminate the account.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I’d trigger a second email that the
requestor won’t see? I thought of just CCing the other department when
that template is used but that’s not really a viable thing to do in this
case. The other department needs some data from a template that shouldn’t
be sent to the requestor so the emails have to be entirely different.

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