Transmission of old datasets


I have some problems to put old datasets into rt.
First way I think I create for every request a new ticket. But there I have
the problem with the lastupdated. This is always the aktually date. And it
looks strange when the ticket was closed a year ago and at LastUpdated you
can read the actuall date!

Then I find the function “Import”. Thats fine I thought. Now I have a problem
with the requestor. I can´t put an requestor to the function import like this
$ticket->Import( id => …,
Requestor => ‘xyz’,
I tried it with arrays and hashes but no success!

Also this way doesn´t work: To import the ticket first and later to add a
requestor with the function “AddWatcher(%params)”. But I think here, first I
have to create a transaction for this ticket. Is thats right? Does I have to
have a transaction with type “Create” for the imported ticket?

Maybe it´s up to me, becaue I don´t understand how rt stores the watchers to a
ticket in the database.

I would happy, when someone have an idea to resolve my problems.