Transction content empty during On Correspond


I’m a RT and perl newbie.

We have RT set up at our office for bugs and support. Bugs come into RT and enter a Bugs-unconfirmed queue. A custom scrip forwards
the bug request to bugzilla which has been setup with mailif to allow bugs to be added via an email. The bugzilla bug has the
[$rtname #$Ticket->id] in the short description so this appears in the subject line of correspondence with bugzilla. This all works.

Whenever the bugzilla sends the bug owner (rt-queue-comment) a status update RT runs a custom scrip with a user defined action. The
scrip appears below. The purpose is to move the ticket to a different queue depending on the status.

In my scrip the content appears to be empty.

Can anyone help?


Description: NotifyFromBugzilla
Condition: On Correspond
Action: User Defined
Template: Global Template
Stage: TransactionCreate
Custom condition:
Custom action preparation code: 1;
Custom action cleanup code:

my $status_change = 0;
my $Ticket = $self->TicketObj;
my $Transaction = $self->TransactionObj;
my $content = $Transaction->Content();

foreach my $line (split /^/, $content) {
if (/What\s*|Removed\s*|Added/) {
$status_change = 1;
} elsif ($status_change == 1) {
if (/Status|[A-Z]+\s*|RESOLVED|VERIFIED|CLOSED/) {
# Change queue, bug has been resolved.
my ($status, $msg) = $Ticket->SetQueue(“Bugs-resolved”);
unless( $status ) {
die “Error processing bugzilla notify: $msg”;
} elsif (/Status|[A-Z]+\s*|NEW|ASSIGNED|REOPENED/) {
# Change queue, assume bug has been verified.
my ($status, $msg) = $Ticket->SetQueue(“Bugs-verified”);
unless( $status ) {
die “Error processing bugzilla notify: $msg”;
return 0;