Track-it to RT migration

I have just installed RT3.6.1. I want to use RT instead of Track-IT but
I have collected A LOT of useful information using track-it that I would
like to migrate over to RT . I see that there are at least a couple of
RT users out there who have also gone from Track-It to RT. I have also
added the AT and RTFM modules to my RT installation.

My question is for those who have gone through the switch from Track-it
to RT… What in your experiences has been the easiest way to migrate
the data from Track-it to RT?

I have already converted the Track-it database to MySQL so at this point
I am ready to start transferring the data but again I would like to see
if anyone has found an easier way to get the data moved or if someone
has taken the time to create a script that performs this particular

Thank you,

Phil Shramko
Desktop Support Supervisor
Palm Coast Data