TimeWorked and Merge Bug?

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If you merge two tickets the TimeWorked winds up assuming the time of
the second ticket. This makes it look like the cumulative TimesWorked
in the history field don’t add up.

There are two reasons I can see for merging tickets:

  1. Two tickets were opened for the same issue, they have disparate
    information that you don’t want to lose (otherwise you could just delete
    In this case any time spent should be added together since that would be
    a more acurate view of how much time was spent on that issue.

  2. Two tickets that have been worked on wind up converging into the
    same issue. I would argue that the time should still be merged.

If an issue has two tickets that are really duplicates then one could
just be delted.

The current behavior dosen’t make any sense to me but that certainly
dosen’t mean it’s a bug (at least a bug with RT).