Timeframe for rtir + rt 3.2?


I’m wondering if anyone has any information on when the next version of
rtir (that works with rt > 3.2) will be out/testable?

I’ve been looking at the stuff I can get out of the subversion repos and
it doesn’t seem like the stuff in there is ready to run, and we’re very
interested in the updated mail gateway (i.e pgp stuff) in the newer
version of rt, amoung other things.

Any information about this would be appreciated.

I was seeing issues last week (e.g rtir referencing
/Elements/ShadedInputRow), but it seems to have been
updated now: revision 1474 on the trunk still seems to have references
to the above, whereas 1.1 now doesn’t (so seems to be fine)

Sorry to not have checked just before I posted. I’ll do some more
testing with the latest revision on the 1.1 branch from now on (unless
you recommend differently?)

That would be delightful. anything that can be caught before the beta
is a great thing.