TimedNotifications Problem

Hi RT Users,

i’m just playing around with RT Crontool and the possibility to send mails
from. Found at the wiki:

I have created a template:

RT-Send-Cc: user.a@company.com, user.b@company.com

The ticket {$Ticket->id} has been unowned for 8 Hours now.


And the crontool entry for this:

./rt-crontool --verbose --search RT::Search::FromSQL --search-arg “Status =
‘new’ AND Queue = ‘KN.DE.CR.BUSAPPL-SI’” --condition
RT::Condition::UntouchedInHours --condition-arg 1 --action
RT::Action::RecordComment --template ‘myreminder’

and i get the following error:

[Fri Mar 2 14:57:11 2007] [error]: error: unexpected end of header

Stack trace:
RT::Template::Parse() called at
RT::Action::RecordComment::CreateTransaction() called at
RT::Action::RecordComment::Commit() called at ./rt-crontool:170
569465: Using transaction #5851736…Condition matches…Action prepared…

Whats going wrong? How can i set up this, to sent reminder Mails to groups
or users???



Torsten Brumm