Time Worked report needed

Dear RT Users,

I am trying to find/create a report from RT that outputs the total time
recorded in RT across all queues for each user each day. In other words,
I would like to be able to produce a report that looks something like

20 September 2006
Ticket #1223 0.5 hours
Ticket #1245 0.2 hours
Daily total 0.7 hours
21 September 2006
Ticket #1246 0.6 hours
Daily total 0.6 hours
User1 Total 1.1 hours
20 September 2006

…and so on. The actual order of the grouping doesn’t matter a great
deal, and in fact the detail lines are also not essential, but I do need
to have the daily totals from all the queues for each user.

I have taken the code from the RT3StatisticsPackageTimeWorked page on
the wiki, I think it might be quite close to what I need but so far I
haven’t been able to get it to work - the code is quite old and
according to the developer it was not written for my version of RT
(3.4.5). I have got to the point where the report will run without
errors but the report is empty. I am not a Perl guy so I’m facing a big
learning curve trying to debug this code.

Has anyone created such a report? Or something like it? Any help would
be appreciated -either creating a new report or getting
RT3StatisticsPackageTimeWorked running. Results would go back to the


Rob Rowland