Time tracking


I’ve been looking at the time tracking functionality in 1.3.49_01, and have
come across something that doesn’t seem right. I’m not sure if it’s because
I have a different idea of how the feature works, or if I’ve found a bug.

I did the following:

Created a ticket
Made a comment, specifying that I spent 10 minutes on it
Edited basics, changed time left to 50. It was then shown as worked: 10/60
Made a comment, 20 min of work.

Basics then showed that time worked was 30/80.

Should this not be 30/60? I’m considering the “time left” to be an estimate
for the job. Is it not?



Fri Mar 9 07:58:37 2001 Request created by sean
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Fri Mar 9 08:03:13 2001 Queue changed from general to network

Fri Mar 9 08:09:54 2001 TimeLeft changed from to 50
Fri Mar 9 08:10:18 2001 Comments added by sean (20 min)

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