Time Tracking roadmap?


Time tracking is a hot topic for us this year. I was wondering if anyone is working on any further enhancements to RT for time tracking ?

We’re currently testing https://metacpan.org/pod/RT::Extension::TimeTracking in our lab setup. It looks good although I’m unclear at the moment how it will affect our reporting. This has to be done directly in the database because Ticket SQL doesn’t provide enough functionality. Sadly that makes it a little fragile but it does work. Most of the time.

A couple of immediate enhancements would be allowing us to close off time entry by ticket and period. e.g. “[TKT #101010] is closed for time entry” and “Period is closed. Time can only be added back to 30/12/2018”; and to expose time functions via the REST2 api. e.g. time worked between two dates, add time to ticket etc.

I would interested in collaborating with anyone else working on Time enhancements for RT.