Tickets with really long lines

In rt2 when I display a ticket which contains really long lines the
only bit that goes off the viewable screen area of my browser is the
part of the history section containing the message with long
lines. The boxes entitled “The Basics”, “Relationships”, “Dates” and
"People" all format well into the current area as do all the history
entries not containing long lines.

However in rt3 when I view a ticket containing long lines it makes
everything stretch, including “The Basics”, “Relationships”, etc.,
boxes and all of the history section.

I realise that coping with tickets that have long lines is very tricky
but I feel that the rt2 behaviour was much nicer. Any way rt3 can
regain this behaviour? Or has the layout changed too dramatically to
make it a simple fix?

I’ll take a look myself but if anyone has already solved this it’d be
good to hear about it.


Stephen Quinney