Tickets owned by other users

Attached is a hack I’ve written to include a list of tickets that are
owned by other users. The hack displays this on the front page
underneath the ‘Quick Search’, but to move it is just a case of changing
the diff file.

As this is my first hack, please comment on it. (If you’re reading this
in an archive, please check for replies)

A few assuptions are made in the file:

  1. The ‘nobody’ user is id 10 (AFAIK, this is always true … if not,
    what’s the best way of getting the Nobody user?)
  2. The number of tickets displayed is the same number of unowned tickets
    that are displayed. You could hard code a different value or hack a new
    preference for changing it, but that’s for you to do)

The file ‘OthersTickets’ should be saved into /Elements/OthersTickets
and the OthersTickets should be patched onto /html/index.html (if you
don’t have a patch utility, just add the lines that start with ‘+’ to
your index.html in the place shown (without the ‘+’ of course))

Rick Measham

OthersTickets (1.75 KB)

OthersTickets.diff (504 Bytes)