Tickets for a user

How can I get tickets for particular user without
using ‘CurrentUser’ object? For example, suppose
I have ‘users1’, ‘user2’, … to ‘usern’ who user RT, for
each one of them I would to do the following:
for each user {
list open tickets
list resloved tickets

This is what I have tried
my $Users = RT::Users->new($session{CurrentUser});
while (my $user = $Users->Next() ) {

my $my_current_user = new  RT::User;
my $user_obj =  new $my_current_user->Load($user->Id());

#my $new = new RT::Tickets($session{CurrentUser}); #works
my $new = new RT::Tickets($user_obj);

 $new->LimitStatus(VALUE => 'new');


Which results in the following error :

  • error in file: * /opt/rt2/lib/RT/

  • line 2899:* Can’t locate object method “UserObj” via package “Found

I need to create a ‘user object’ for each user to get their tickets , but
I am at loss as to how I can do it.

P.S The aim of this exercise is to get snap shot of what users have been
doing on RT.