Ticket UI Status Vs. Tickets DB Table

Hello All,

I am trying to put some queries together to build out some reports that our management is looking for for ticket usage. I am finding that tickets that have been marked as resolved in the web interface, as still showing as being "NEW’ in the database Tickets table. Is there some link to another table that needs to be done, or should I be querying a different table for the ticket status?


The status column from the Tickets table should be accurate

It looks like when RT is merging tickets together, and when the final ticket is updated to the resolved status, all the tickets that were merged into the one ticket are still searchable in the database and stay as the status they were before they were merged (mostly status new). Where I would think that their status should be the same as the ticket that they were merged into.

Yes, you should skip the merged tickets. Something like

select t1.EffectiveId from Tickets t1 where t1.Status in ('open','new')
and t1.IsMerged is NULL ...
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