I’m looking for a way to get the one-and-only-resolution of a ticket to
add it to a template. The resolution-text is

stored in Attachment.Content and has a corresponding record in
Transactions for the status-change

(relation is Attachment.TransactionId <-> Transactions.Id) with
Type=‘Status’, NewValue=‘resolved’

but the “resolution” itself needs 2 transactions. One for the
Response/Correspondence and one for the

status change. I could just go for the last Response/Correspondence for
that Transactions.Ticket (ticket-id),

but IMHO it’s not 100% save that this is really the resolution 'cause I
could have added a comment after the resolution

which is not the resolution itself but a usual comment but the ticket
status is still resolved, which is ok. I’m thinking

about adding a “resolution”-flag to the Transactions-table but maybe
somebody has a more “adequate” resolution for my problem?

thx, cheers