Ticket approved... and then?


I’m setting up approvals on RT 3.8.2. I manage my tickets (incoming
requests) in FOOBAR queue. I created a queue FOOBAR_APPROVAL for
tickets needing approvals (I have a scrip/template for this queue,
when I move a ticket inside, the approvers are notified and the
approval process begins).

Let’s say someone creates a ticket, it goes into FOOBAR queue, and
then the guy who manages this ticket sees it needs approval and move
it to FOOBAR_APPROVAL queue for approbation.All the approvers approve
it, and then… it’s in FOOBAR_APPROVAL queue.

My questions :

  • do I have to consider FOOBAR_APPROVAL like a “working” queue ?
    Meaning admins, requestors etc… corresponds on the tickets in this
    queue ?
  • should I move automatically (I don’t know how yet, shouldn’ be
    hard) the tickets to the FOOBAR queue once they are approved ?

Any feedback is welcome regarding how you use the approval process in
your RT (how do you decide a ticket enters this approval process, and
how you manage it after the approbation)

PS: I saw a patch on RT-devel for a button enabling the Approval
process on a ticket, I may think to this as well. Feedbacks welcome !

Thanks !