Threading in RT3?

I’ve finally managed to catch up on a backlog of mail in my RT folder,
and it looks like you guys have been busy!

I haven’t had a chance to look at installing it on my systems here, but
it looks good …

One question I didn’t see mentioned in the mail over the last month
or so was whether RT3 provides headers for threading messages (ie.
In-Reply-To: and References:) … I’ve tweaked my local copy to do a
simplistic threading which works well enough for me[1], but I remember
that there was a quite complicated thread on the list about it and how
to do it properly and what internals needed changing …

what stage was this at?

[1] my modifications basically construct a References header from all
the Message-IDs of all the attachments, then uses the last for the
In-Reply-To: header … it’s enough to group all the mail together in a
thread-aware mail client, which is really all I was after, personally.

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