The road to 3.0 (retard question)

Mail sending 1.5 days
.5d Header fixes / Preserve x-loop lines on autoreply

Will the In-Reply-To header be set to (contain) the Message-ID
of the mail replied to? One step better would be to also have
the References header set to the References header of the mail
replied to, plus the Message-ID of the mail replied to.

Retard question cause I’m still on RT1, and I don’t know if RT2
works OK wrt this…

Tried to find the answer on google, no luck.

For those who don’t see what I mean: the In-Reply-To header has
been around since RFC822and is used by (good) e-mail clients
(such as mutt) to construct a tree view of mail in the mailbox.

I suppose using that in the RT interface would mean major
changes, and that’s not what I’m looking for, but it would be
useful to the person corresponding by mail with RT-using staff.

It could also be useful server-side, attaching incoming mail to
tickets when the subject is mangled but the In-Reply-To header
contains a Message-Id of outgoing mail, but that would probably
need too much work for the use one would have of it.

Example (the arrows don’t cut-n-paste well):

1655 Jul 09 Mark Smith ( 0.7K) [rt-devel] rt command line patch for limit-resolved
1656 Jul 09 Colleen ( 1.8K) RE: [rt-devel] KeywordSelect --requiring a value before a ticket can be created.
1657 Jul 10 Jesse Vincent ( 0.6K) [rt-devel] [rt-announce] Lists were down
1658 Jul 10 Matt Lightner ( 1.9K) [rt-devel] Bug in 2.0.14-pre2…
1659 Jul 11 Jesse Vincent ( 0.7K) ->
1660 Jul 12 Leif Jakob ( 2.0K) [rt-devel] getting RT to run with latest modules from CPAN - with PATCH
1661 Jul 12 Jesse Vincent ( 0.7K) [rt-devel] RT 2.1.26
1662 Jul 13 Jesse Vincent ( 0.8K) [rt-devel] RT 2.0.14-pre3
1663 O Jul 14 Mr . Yu ( 42K) Agriculture Machinery.
1664 O Jul 14 Mr . Yu ( 42K) Agriculture Machinery.
1665 O Jul 15 Ms . Nily ( 59K) chemical product
1666 O Jul 15 Ms . Nily ( 59K) chemical product
1667 Jul 16 Rich Lafferty ( 2.1K) [rt-devel] Generated SQL hanging
1668 Jul 18 Matthew Watson ( 2.9K) |->
1669 Jul 17 Jesse Vincent ( 3.6K) | ->
1670 Jul 17 Neil H. ( 0.2K) ->[rt-devel] Online Demo
1671 Jul 17 Galindo, Adrian ( 0.4K) *>
1672 Jul 18 Bruce Campbell ( 0.6K) [rt-devel] Ways to select old owners
1673 Jul 19 Jesse Vincent ( 0.9K) [rt-devel] RT 2.0.14-pre4 / RT 2.1.27
1674 Jul 19 Jesse Vincent ( 3.6K) [rt-devel] [rt-announce] RT 2.0.14
1675 Jul 23 Richie Crews ( 2.6K) [rt-devel] Problems with 2-1-27
1676 Jul 24 Kenneth M. Wils ( 5.9K) [rt-devel] Trying to submit rts
1677 Jul 24 Kenneth M. Wils ( 6.3K) ->[rt-devel] Re: Trying to submit rts
1678 s Jul 30 Nicolas Mailhot ( 1.7K) [rt-devel] rt-2-0-14, Red Hat 7.3 and CGI::Cookie 1.20 requirement
1679 Jul 30 David Merrill ( 1.7K) [rt-devel] asset tracking
1680 Jul 30 Darrin Walton ( 0.6K) |->
1681 Jul 30 Bob Apthorpe ( 1.2K) ->
1682 Jul 30 Jesse Vincent ( 0.6K) ->
1683 Jul 30 David Merrill ( 2.6K) ->

Note: line 1671, Adrian Galindo didn’t have a valid In-Reply-To
or References, mutt attached it there because of the Subject.

I know RT tickets are subject-oriented, and rarely attain the
complexity of even a simple mailing-list or Usenet discussion,
but it seems so simple to do . . .

This would be especially nice for auto-replies, so one knows
immediately which auto-reply and therefore ticket number goes
with which mail.

#include <std_disclaim.h> Lorens Kockum