The old "Client does not support authentication method requested"

Hello, all,

Long-time RT user here, upgrading to a new system and a new version of

With my current configuration, I start apache and open my browser.
Upon typing the URL for my RT install, I’m greeted with a 500 internal
server error.

Config of the new system is:
RedHat EL3
Apache 2 (RPM)
Perl 5.8.0 (RPM)
Mysql 4.1.7 (RPM newer than RedHat distribution)
RT 3.2.2

I’m unfortunately stuck with Perl 5.8.0 as Perl 5.8.3 won’t work with
the RedHat RPM of mod_perl and upgrading mod_perl would involve
upgrading Apache. I could run the RPM of RT, but it wants SpamAssassin
2.55, and I’m not willing to run an SpamAssassin that old.

I was able to set rt_user’s password in Mysql using the old_password
function and RT is up and running. But, I’m wondering why I can’t get
rt to talk to Mysql with the new Mysql 4 password hasing algorithm.
I’ve used CPAN to make sure I have the latest DBD::Mysql and DBI. Are
there other Perl modules I should be upgrading? Or something in RT that
prefers the older method?