Thanks everyone

I just wanted to thank everyone for how much work has been put into
RT. Jesse Vincent, of course, and the whole BestPractical team for
creating it and releasing it open source, but two people have posted
improvements and patches that have proved especially useful to me. Even
when I don’t have any problems, these two will post patches that enhance
my experience in some way, or just expand my understanding of the
internals of RT. Ruslan U. Zakirov has posted patch after patch, and
even if I didn’t need the functionality, I would frequently look at the
patch and it would spark an idea about how I could improve the user
experience or extract reporting data in a more elegant fashion. And I
wanted to thank Vivek Khera for the research into RT’s indexes. I
didn’t experience the same degree of acceleration as some reported, but
I have noticed a marked improvement. So, that was all. No problems to
report, RT is running like a champ, and it has become an amazingly
useful tool in the daily I.T. operations. Thanks again everybody!