Template to list Cc's in correspondence

I had a great little Template in RT2 that Phil Homewood was nice enough
to help me with.

What I did was add these lines to my “correspondence” template

{ if ($cc=$Ticket->Cc->EmailsAsString()) { "Note CC via RT: " . $cc } }
{ if ($admincc=$Ticket->AdminCc->EmailsAsString()) { "AdminCc: " .
$admincc } }}

And on each email it would stamp who, if anybody, was Cc’d or AdminCc’d .
(I just noted the Cc for regular folks scrips/templates and noted
AdminCc in my scrips/templates for internal staff).

The problem is that it doesn’t seem to work in RT 3.06
Judging from the output it appears the subroutine EmailsAsString() is
not defined in RT3.
Is there a similar subroutine I can use? Which .pm is it defined in?

Thanks again for the advice
Error message below
Program fragment delivered error ``RT::Group::EmailsAsString
Unimplemented in T. (template line 4)

End Error Message

I discovered the new subroutine name by looking around in:

Note: the following Template works (stamps Cc and AdminCc in the message
body of emails).

RT-Attach-Message: yes

{ if ($cc=$Ticket->Cc->MemberEmailAddressesAsString()) { "Note CC via
RT: " . $cc } }
{ if ($admincc=$Ticket->AdminCc->MemberEmailAddressesAsString()) {
"AdminCc: " . $admincc } }