Template - "couldn't parse head" error - rt3

My “OwnerChange” template is spewing errors and I’m not sure how to
interpret the error message.

[Fri Aug 29 22:04:03 2003] [error]: error: couldn’t parse head; error
OWNER CHANGE Request #17383 has been given to you on

This template was copied from rt2:

Request #{$Ticket->id} has been GIVEN TO YOU on
{$Transaction->CreatedAsString} by {$Transaction->CreatorObj->RealName}.

Transaction: {$Transaction->Description}
Queue: {$Ticket->QueueObj->Name}
Owner: {$Ticket->OwnerObj->Name}
Requestors: {$Ticket->Requestors->EmailsAsString()}
Status: {$Ticket->Status}
Ticket <URL: {$RT::WebURL}Ticket/Display.html?id={$Ticket->id} >

Where’s the error?

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That happened to me when I created a template that did not have a
"Subject:" line as the first line of the template. There should be a
blank line after the “Subject:” or other header lines.

-Kevin Murphy