Take notice: RT-3.x.x and DBD::Oracle-1.23


I’m currently migrating a couple of servers from Ubuntu to Centos and
just finished installing rt-3.8.4 and came across a nasty surprise.
make fixdeps installs DBD::Oracle-1.23 but then make initdb has a
problem inserting the system accounts into the Users table.
The error is an ORA-04043: object Users does not exist
The table does exist, as are the other tables, but the insert fails. A
little googling got me a hit on a Russian site (Ruslan) which led me to
install DBD::Oracle-1.22 and then retry the make initdb, after dropping
it first of course. That did the trick, no problems during inserts anymore.

Normally I would create the user myself and/or do a schema import from
production and probably be very surprised that somethings didn’t work
anymore through the webgui.

Maybe this should be added to the docs until DBD::Oracle is fixed or
else the version required should be 1.22 instead of 1.23