SV: SV: SV: New language file for RT

Hi Jesse

I’m sorry to say that I found three errors in the translations we have delivered.

Our translator has by mistake translated three commands and made a minor mistake in the translation of three of the texts.

All three changes in the da.po file are shown in this diff:


< msgstr “<inputtype="godkendt" klasse="knap" værdi="Ny sag kommet" /> %1”

msgstr “<input type="submit" class="button" value="Ny sag i" /> %1”


< msgstr “<inputtype="submit" værdi="Ny sag kommet"> %1”

msgstr “<input type="submit" value="Ny sag i"> %1”


< msgstr “Jeg har [antal,_1,concrete mixer].”

msgstr “Jeg har [quant,_1,concrete mixer].”

I’m in doubt with this text - should it be translated?

  • Line 557 -----------------------------------

#: html/Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics:53

msgid “<% $Ticket->Status%>”

msgstr “<% $Sag->Status%>”

That should be all (for now :-)).

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Brian Kjelin Olsen

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-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----Fra: Jesse Vincent []
Sendt: 20. marts 2007 18:20
Til: Brian Kjelin Olsen
Cc:; Heidi Senderovitz
Emne: Re: SV: SV: [Rt-devel] New language file for RT

Hi Jesse

Here is our contribution to a Danish translation of RT. It is a major

change we have made, so maybe you want someone else to look it trough.

I’ve had a trusted speaker of Danish confirm that it looks good.

In the process we made some minor changes to the Swedish

translation as



I did have trouble using poEdit, so the character code is currently

iso-8859-1 for both files. You said earlier that you easily could




Both files are in the attached tar ball.

Applied. Thanks so much. They’ll be in 3.6.4.