SV: How should I translate?

Hi Bekeny

Extract all new texts with “make regenerate-catalogs” from within your source directory of rt.

We used poEdit for translation of the po files in the Nordic languages. It contains a bug that didn’t allow us to save the work to the same file, so we gave the file a new name every time we saved (we used “Save as”).

When we were done with the translation, we copied (and renamed) the file to the source directory of RT.

To install the new po files (and other new files as well) simply run an update (eg. “make upgrade”).

Remember to restart the web service.

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Sendt: 22. marts 2007 10:28
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Emne: [rt-users] How should I translate?

Hello list,

I’ve made a big RT customization for one of our customers.
I used the standard localization methods (loc, <&|/l&>, etc.), so I have
many new English strings to translate in my source.
I would like to translate these (to Hungarian) but I have problems.
I tried to find a documentation or a wiki entry about it but I wasn’t
successful. Where can I find these if there are any?

My problem is that I have the old hu.po file, and I want to upgrade it
with the new strings, but I can’t.
I tried to do it with the command: -o hu.po -D /opt/rt3/

But unfortunately it isn’t working for me. How should I do it? Is there
any common method?
I can edit the result hu.po file with poedit, can’t I?

My other question is where to put the finished translation file under
local tree. Or should I overwrite the original one? (I don’t think so.)

I would be grateful for any helpful comments. It is urgent for me because
the deadline is coming soon. :slight_smile:

I would make a wiki entry if I got clear answers.


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