SV: Drop down menu


I’ve already tried that, but I don’t get a drop down menu, I still have
to scroll down.


-----Opprinnelig melding-----Fra: Filip Jonckers []
Sendt: 14. juli 2005 14:52
Til: Hilde T Lauvset Rafaelsen;
Emne: RE: [rt-users] Drop down menu

copy rt\Elements\EditCustomFields to

edit rt\local\html\Elements\EditCutsomFields

at the bottom you will find:

$Object => undef
$CustomField => undef
$NamePrefix => undef
$Rows => 5
$Cols => 15
$Default => undef

change the $Rows value to 1

$Rows => 1

that’s it…


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At Friday 7/15/2005 05:16 AM, Hilde T Lauvset Rafaelsen wrote:

Hi again,

No I have changed $Rows to 1 in EditCustomField. I have also set Size = 1
in EditCustomFieldSelect. I now got a drop down list on the custom fields
where i have “select one value”. On the custom fields with select multiple
values i got this scroll menu wich shows only one item at the time, and
the custom fields has 8 items.

Do You have an idea how I can fix to get drop down menu on a custom field
with “select multiple values” to?


I don’t think you can - what you see is how your browser renders the
multi-select field with one line. I’ve never seen a multi-select field that
has a drop-down list - I’m not sure how you would do multiple selections
from a drop-down.