Support queue and other questions

Hi people,

I’m a very newbie user of RT, I like it a lot but some doubts are still alive.

I need to enable a technical support queue this way: we have 3 or 4 members of
the tech support department. Whenever a client of us needs to solve a problem
he should send an email to, this ticket won’t have owner
but a message should be sent to all members and one of them might take
ownership of the ticket, exactly after one of them take ownership another mail
is sent to them saying ‘that ticket is to be solved by blah’

I’t possible that exists documentation related to that specific problem, if
anyone of you know where can I find it, please let me know.

These are my scrips:
OnCreate NotifyOwner with template AdminCorrespondence
OnCreate NotifyAllWatchers with template AdminCorrespondence
OnCreate NotifyRequestorsAndCcs with template AdminCorrespondence
OnComment NotifyRequestorsAndCcsAsComment with template AdminComment
OnResolve NotifyRequestorsAndCcs with template Resolved
OnStatus NotifyRequestorsAndCcs with template StatusChange
OnCorrespond NotifyRequestorsAndCcs with template Correspondence

Every time someone creates a ticket, the owner got to mails, don’t know why

Thanks in advanced