Suggestions on adding features

Hi All,
Can anyone direct me in a good direction for adding the following features:

I need to modify the initial login page. I want to add (login help), (forgot
your password) link, and
(new users start here) link.

  1. (Login Help) just displays a page with login help page, This is easy.

  2. (Forgot Your Password) link, This is harder. Really want to find a way to
    lookup and email a password
    to the user.

  3. (New Users Start Here) link, I need to find a way for the new user to
    create a new user and password
    without requiring intervention from an administrator.
    This could be done by modifying the admin create new user form, but this is
    getting messy and I have
    not gathered a full understanding of RT’s inter workings yet.

My application is to open RT to the our customer base to allow customers to
get better technical support
over email and track phone based support.

Lastly any one have any suggestions on making customers privileged users but
not have access to everyone else’s
information. It appears all privileged users have access to everyone else’s
phone number …

Thanks much, any help would be appreciated!

Craig Herrin

Santa Barbara Instrument Group
805-571-7244 x211

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