Suggestion for improvement


maybe this already in Ver. 3, but here it goes:

  1. Could we put as default on the search button, if we are already
    in the “search page”, the “bookmarkable link”.
    WHY: The Problem is that if you work with several windows, and each
    window show a different queue, then after pressing “search” to
    refresh, or come back from a ticket you will get the last search
    not necessary the search you want. Of course you have the
    same problem with the automatic refresh.

  2. Could we add the Queue name to the page title of the search page.
    WHY: It makes it much easier to quickly jump between the different
    search pages.


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  1. Could we add the Queue name to the page title of the search page.


We do something like that in Search/Listing.html. The code snippet
below is copied, pasted, and tweaked slightly from what we’re actually
using because we have other changes in there too. But I’d expect
something along these lines in an <%INIT> section to work for you:

Loop through the restrictions on the current search criteria,

looking for a single Queue restriction:

my $queue_name;
foreach (values %{{$session{tickets}->DescribeRestrictions}})
if (/^Queue = (.*)/)

  # If $queue_name has already been set in a previous iteration of
  # this loop then the search criteria involves more than one queue
  # so this isn't a single-queue search:
  if ($queue_name)
    $queue_name = undef;

  # Else assume that this is a single-queue search until proven
  # otherwise and rememember the name of the queue for later:
  $queue_name = $1;


my $title = $queuename ? “$queuename Tickets” : ‘Search’;

Then deploy $title appropriately in the call to /Elements/Header.

Good luck!