Suggestion for Approvals

Hi everyone,

I’ve installed RT 3.6.6 and have everything running fine, but I need to
address the need for approvals. There are several ways to setup
approvals, and I’m not sure what’s best for us. I was hoping I could
describe our need, and you guys could suggest the best approach. This
would save me a lot of trial-and-error configs. :slight_smile:

So, generally people send e-mails to one of several queues and a ticket
is opened. An e-mail is sent to the AdminCCs and gets worked on. Once in
a while a ticket needs to be approved. Once approved it can get worked
on. Generally the tech picking up the ticket would be the one to
determine that it needs approval.

So, here’s a few things I thought about.

  1. The tech could move the ticket to an approval queue. This approval
    queue would have some global AdminCCs defined, so I guess they would
    receive an e-mail when a ticket is transfered into this queue? They
    would probably have to change the status (or a custom field) to
    ’approved’ and then move it back to it’s original queue.

  2. The tech could change the status to ‘ApprovlReq’. The status change
    would send an e-mail to an approval mailing list by defining a new
    scrip, and a member of that mailing list would change the status to
    ’Approved’. These status changes get logged in the history, making the
    auditors happy. :slight_smile:

  3. A custom field could be used instead of the status field. I’m not
    sure if a Ticket or Ticket Trans custom field would be better. I’m also
    not sure how to trigger a scrip when the custom field changes. It seems
    to me the status change would be a better approach.

Generally, when a ticket is marked as needing approval, the requestor
and a management group needs to be advised. When the ticket is approved,
the requestor and owner needs to be advised.

So, what do you guys think? I’m kinda leaning towards #2, unless you can
suggest something better…

Jean-Sebastien Morisset, Sr. UNIX Administrator