Subsequent scrip does not notice changes made in previous scrip

I need to update the Requestor of a ticket created as the result of an incoming email, and I need an initial auto-response to be sent to the updated Requestor.

With a scrip (my first) I have successfully parsed the desired Requestor from the email, created a custom field to hold this Requestor, added the new Requestor (with AddWatcher), and deleted the original Requestor (with DeleteWatcher).

But a subsequent “Autoreply to Requestors” scrip emails the Requestor I deleted and not the new Requestor I set. The ticket is created correctly and the ticket “History” as well as the RT logs show everything working in order as expected, until that auto-reply scrip which insists on sending to the original Requestor (the From header address of the incoming email).

I have since additionally set the ticket Creator to the new Requestor and updated the ticket’s attachment’s From header to the desired Requestor, but still no luck in getting the auto-reply to go to the new Requestor.

RT Version: 4.4.2

The first scrip basics:
Condition: User Defined
Action: Used Defined

The second:
Condition: On Create
Action: Autoreply to Requestor