Subclassing DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record

I’m trying to subclass DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record, as outlined in the
perldoc, but I seem to be having problems. I’m not sure that inheritance
is going on. I created the following file, which contains the subclass
Foo::Simple and also the code that creates a Foo::Simple object (both
parts in one perl file):


use strict;
use warnings qw(all);

use DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle;

my $handle = DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle->new();

‘Driver’ => ‘mysql’,
‘Database’ => ‘test’,
‘Host’ => ‘localhost’,
‘User’ => ‘’,
‘Password’ => ‘’

my $s = Foo::Simple->new($handle);

package Foo::Simple;

use strict;
use warnings qw(all);

use DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record;

use vars qw/@ISA/;

push(@ISA, ‘DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record’);

sub new {
my $proto = shift;
my $class = ref($proto) || $proto;
my $s = {};
bless ($s, $class);
sub _Init {
my $s = shift;
my $handle = shift;
return ($s);
sub _ClassAccessible {
return {
object_id => {‘read’ => 1},
object_title => {‘read’ => 1, ‘write’ => 1},


When I run the script, I get the following:

Can’t locate object method “_Handle” via package “Foo::Simple” (perhaps
you forgot to load “Foo::Simple”?) at ./ line 45.

I saw that there is a method called “_Handle” in, so I’m
confused as to why it’s not being used.

DBIx::SearchBuilder version: 0.92
Perl version: 5.6.1
DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record version:
#$Header/cvsroot/DBIx/DBIx-SearchBuilder/SearchBuilder/,v 1.21
2001/02/28 21:36:27 jesse Exp $

Any help would be much appreciated.