Stumped. User assigned to queue, can see tickets on homepage, unable to create tickets or queries

I am stumped. Hoping someone can help. Here is the rundown:

I added a user to two groups, each attached to a different queue. These queues have existed for several years and have not been altered recently. The user in question also has access to several other queues.

For some reason, the user is not able to create a ticket for these two queues. In the dropdown list, all her other queues appear but not these two. The same issue occurs when she tries to build a query and pull info from the queues.

We don’t assign different permission levels at the user level. All members of a group share the same permissions within the queue. I have checked all of the permissions, nothing is out of place. No one else has reported this issue to me. The user in question is able to see these queues and their associated tickets on her homepage.

I have a test account, I added it to the same two queues and was able to both create tickets and build queries.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

Are these users privileged users?

Has she logged out and logged back in again after you’ve given her the SeeQueue rights to that queue (through her group membership)? ISTR that (some versions at least of) RT caches queue visibility in the session, so you don’t see changes in that ACL until you log out and back in again.

All of our users are privileged.

As you’re on 4.4.4, have you taken a look at what Admin->Tools->Rights Inspector says for the principle that is this user and the object that is set to one of the two queues she’s having problems with? Then do the same with the principle user:test and the same queue and see if the rights output is different.

Sorta took your previous advice. I asked the user to try opening RT in FireFox instead of chrome. Lo and behold, she was able to see all the queues and submit tickets to all of them. Obviously it was something with Chrome. I suggested for now she use FireFox but try clearing her cache and deleting cookies and whatnot in Chrome.

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