Strip domain name from incoming emails

RT 3.4.3

We have emails coming in to our RT instance, and the submitter is set as We need the submitter to be set as ‘user’, so when they
log in to the SelfService interface as ‘user’, they see the tickets that they

I have tried to graft the information I saw at
[rt-users] RT3.4.1 Wrong ticket count in query results ,
but have so far come up short. I don’t have a file
local/lib/RT/Interface/ , and when I try to put it into
lib/RT/Interface/Email/Auth/ , I am not certain that I understand
what needs to be done. I can be certain that the stripping is not occurring
as we want. :slight_smile:

If anyone else has this working, I would be glad to see how you are doing it.