Strikethrough displayed on resolved Depends On tickets


Hoping you guys can put me out my misery because my mind is paying tricks on me with this issue.

When you open a ticket which has multiple Depends On tickets and go to the Links section in ticket display then RT will display all Depends On tickets in a list and all resolved tickets will be displayed with a strikethrough over the ticket number and subject. This allows you to easily see which Depends On tickets are still unresolved. Beautiful!


But, if you create a search to return all the Depended On By tickets and then in the Display Columns section you select Depends On, it will return all the tickets and display all the ticket details in the Depends On field.

Unfortunately, in the search view any resolved Depends On tickets are not displayed with a strikethrough and this is driving me mad because I could swear that it used to work like that.

Is my mind just playing tricks on me? Is RT supposed to display the strikethrough in searches or is the functionality limited to opening a ticket and viewing the Links section?

We are currently using extended status as a workaround and it’s also very elegant, but it would be awesome if this worked in ticket searches as well as in the Links section.

Any advice?

I don’t believe this feature would apply to the query builder results since the “ShowLink” component isn’t called for search results, which is what adds the “ticket-inactive” CSS class that adds the strike through.

You could hunt around the code and try to find where the column value for DependsOn and the other link columns are generated and see if there is a callback that will allow you to add some CSS.

That or you could try creating a custom column map that adds the strike through.

One other option is to add some JS that finds the status of linked tickets and adds CSS to the results column

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I knew it. My boss was insisting that she had seen it work and she actually got me doubting my memory after a while.
Thanks for the excellent feedback! You have given me a way forward.