Stop a requester from owning the ticket if they make the first correspondence

we use the scrip “On Correspond AutoSetOwner” - how can this be adapted to
avoid requester of the ticket from becoming the owner if they first
correspond to the ticket?


Thanks Kenn - I found out that the issue was with an overriding group
permission that allowed members to own tickets

Group A, B and C are permissions groups for queue A, B and C

There is also an “overall” group that combines group a,b and c. This allows
members of other queues to move/steal/take etc tickets between different
queues, owning tickets wasn’t necessary as the queue can be changed and
then owned by a member of that queue.

Group “overall” had “Own tickets” checked under “Rights for Staff” this
allowed any member of Group “overall” who submitted a ticket and if they
were the first person to add a correspondence they became the owner -
unticking that and ticked “Own tickets” checked under "Rights for Staff"
for the queues group - stopped this from happening.

Will get your book.