Still having email attatchment corruption after Perlupgrade

My original message is below. I was asked whether we were using FastCGI or
Mod_Perl. We are using mod_perl. After talking with my administrator about
this he rebuil;t mod_perl. But the problem still persists. What other
information do you need? Any other suggestions?
Thanks a lot.

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Sent: Wed 9/29/2004 2:47 PM
Subject: [rt-users] Still having email attatchment corruption after

OK, so we were having problems with some (randomly) attachments being sent in
or manually uploaded into RT. It was the whole “RT added extra bytes to the
file” problem. So I reasearched the problem and found that we were using
Perl 5.8.0. Sounds like an obvious problem. So we upgraded to 5.8.5.
Everything seemed ti go smoothly for ~2 days. And then it all started
happening again. I have verified that Perl 5.8.5 is indeed still installed
and active. We are on RT version 3.0.8 on RH Linux.

Any suggestions/idas?



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put attached file into

and then in browser goto into

and past output here.

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