SQL Question

Sorry about the post. I was brain dead from being up too long and my
sql statements were just wrong. I was sending a query for:

EmailAddress = ‘".$session{‘CurrentUser’}->EmailAddress."’ AND (
Status = ‘new’ OR Status = ‘open’ OR Status =‘stalled’)

insead of Requestor.EmailAddress = …

The queries now pick up the logged in users requests from the multiple
requestors. I switched from RealName to EmailAddress to insure that
there would be no duplicate user names.

Stephen HancockOn Wed, 16 Mar 2005 18:12:19 -0500, Stephen Hancock sh.hancock@gmail.com wrote:

I am trying to create a standard query for the RT at a Glance Page
that finds all tickets with the users RealName to replace the ‘My
Requests’ which searches on the Creator ID. This query will not pick
up tickets where there are more than 1 requestor.

I know I can search on specific tickets but we need a relative search
based on $session(‘CurrentUser->Id’) that will look up the RealName of
the Requestor and display all the tickets belonging to that person.

Is this possible from either the Query Builder or within the

The closest thing I could find to this is the
GetRequestorInfoByTicketId which does not work for us in this case.

Stephen Hancock