Specifying a private lib directory in apache.conf

After not wanting to open up our main internal web server to any memory
leaks that might be introducted by multiple perl handlers running, I’ve
ended up using a private httpd for RT, run by the rt user. Whilst I was
at it, I also installed the required libraries in the rt home directory,
as I didn’t want the libraries installed globally.

Note that when installing the required perl libraries (as per testdeps),
the recommended procedure is to ‘perl Makefile.PL’, ‘vi Makefile’ to
change the PREFIX to be /your/rt2/path, then merrily ‘make install’.

tools/testdeps in the src does require a small change, being the addition
of: “use lib ‘/your/rt2/path/lib’;” and “use lib
’/your/rt2/path/site_perl’;” in order to complete. You may also need to
juggle the installed libraries around somewhat if your web server is a
different machine than your installation.

Magic for httpd.conf:

    DocumentRoot /your/rt2/path/WebHTML

    ServerName your.server.name
    ServerAlias your-server-alias

    ErrorLog /your/error/log/path
    CustomLog /your/access/log/path     combined

# The following doesn't work immediately.
    # PerlModule Apache::DBI

# Invoke Perl to get the @INC.
# http://perl.apache.org/dist/mod_perl-1.26/t/conf/httpd.conf-dist
push @INC, "/your/rt2/path/lib";
push @INC, "/your/rt2/path/site_perl";

# This now works once @INC has bene modified
    PerlModule Apache::DBI

    PerlRequire /your/rt2/path/bin/webmux.pl

    <Location />

            SetHandler perl-script

            PerlHandler RT::Mason


As always, use this at your own risk.

                         Bruce Campbell                            RIPE