Sort order of Users

To all,

I noticed when I add users to my privileged list, they end up on the 

end, regardless of what the alphabetical sequence would be. Is there
anyway to re-sequence them?


I just made the while loop in share/html/Admin/Groups/Members.html first
add people to a hash, then used a foreach with sort to get them in the
proper order. My code is based on 3.4.1, and here is the diff:

@@ -77,9 +77,15 @@
% my $UserMembers = $Group->MembersObj;
% $UserMembers->LimitToUsers();

    +% my %Members; % while (my $member = $UserMembers->Next()) { -
  • -<%$member->MemberObj->Object->Name%> (<%$member->MemberObj->Object->RealName%>) +% $Members{ $member->MemberObj->Object->Name } = $member; +% } +% foreach my $member (sort keys %Members) { +
  • +<%$Members{$member}->MemberObj->Object->Name%> (<%$Members{$member}->MemberObj->Object->RealName%>) % }

I also made similar changes to other files where the sort order was
based on when the user was added (probably some Id from the database)
rather than something more practical like alphabetical ordering.

Eric Schultz
United Online


Thanks a bunch. We'll get on this a see what happens.

Schultz, Eric wrote: